How to choose the Design of Laminate flooring

There are a number of factors you should keep in mind when choosing the designs and colors for laminate flooring to suit your home such as: house area, decor and interior style, preferences in terms of color or design.

The floor is not only to decorate the house, but it also contributes to create a comfortable and cozy living environment in your home. Therefore, choosing a floor with the right color and design for each room is important.

As a principle in interior and architecture, floor design must be designed to make narrow spaces wider, and larger areas to be wider or look smaller depending on the intentions of owner. This is caused by the color scheme of each interior item in combination with the color of the floor. If your house consists of small rooms, the floor is designed with small pieces and light color will make the room larger. Conversely, with large, colorful or dark pieces will make the room smaller.

Choosing a color for the floor also means choosing a color that matches or contrasts with the existing furniture and décor in your home. For example, brown floors combine with a brown tones room or vice versa you can combine a room with cream yellow or deep yellow tones to create contrast.

A tip in choosing the color of floors is to combine them with furniture in the same tone or contrast of shape or a completely opposite color. There will be one question you need to answer: what is the usesage of this room? And the answer will be: is it the dining room? Or do you have children and pets?

If you want a room showing off your own personality, then choose different types of industrial hardwood floors and different lightness and darkness to create highlight for the room.

Choosing laminate flooring should match the style you love, for example the floor must have a classic style or Mediterranean architecture that you love.

Again, we highly recommend that you combine laminate flooring with the architecture and interior of your home rather than letting it dominate the rest of the house. If the room is designed simply, stronger color of the flooring should be the priority. If your room is really different, let them combine harmoniously with colors, designs with available decorations and designs of the room.

Today laminate flooring have become more and more abundant than before allowing them to replace marble, granite in your home design. These new options will make you a little confused in deciding what kind of flooring best suits the function of each room in your house.

Let our experienced experts help and provide helpful advice on planning a new floor in your home.

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