Experiences in choosing to buy wooden flooring

With all the information below, you can completely choose for yourself the most suitable, economical, most convenient and luxurious solution.

1. Industrial laminate flooring

Laminate flooring will definitely be a reasonable choice that you should think about first and this is also the general trend of modern cities.

Industrial laminate flooring is a new material with many preeminent features than common materials used for flooring such as carpet, natural wood, stone, ceramic tile, …

Industrial laminate flooring usually has 4 layers:

– Special material layer (Melamine resins) is transparent, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-impact, anti-fading, anti-intrusion bacteria and termites, stabilizes the surface layer, creates a solid surface layer, resist the effects of chemicals and are easy to clean and maintain.

– Film layer to create natural wood grain: This layer of wood grain is protected by the first layer so it always keeps its color and wood grain is unchanged during use.

– HDF wood core layer (High Density Fiberboard) is made up of 80-85% natural wood material, the rest are additives that increase the hardness and adhesion of the wood.

– The bottom coating of the floor board is made of special synthetic materials, which stabilizes the lower surface, prevents termites, warps and resists water.

How to choose industrial wood flooring

Most people who buy laminate flooring are faced with having to choose from among many different types of flooring.
With a single tenon (glue must be used) or double tenon (not glue), with HDF,MDF cores, or some other special types, with different colors and wood grain, with different use purpose and different levels of scratch resistance.
It is noticed that the classification symbol on the product packaging is very easy to see, which is the best indication that the product is suitable for your needs or not, because they are different among the floors which is used for living room, bedroom or staircase.
The floor in the living room is used more often than in the bedroom, the stairs are used more often in the living room.
Therefore, it is important when choosing to buy laminate flooring is to choose the right product line that suits your needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring


The price is reasonable, compared to ceramic tiles which is only a little more expensive but the usability, aesthetics and elegance are much more. Compared to natural wood, it is much cheaper but the usability, aesthetics and elegance are not only equivalent, but also more diverse in color and not deformed by weather.

Fast installation, clean and ready to use immediately after completing installation.

The colors are varied, there are many natural and luxurious wood grain patterns.

Less scratches, abrasion, not fading.

Not being termite, warping, shrinking under the impact of weather.
Resistant to high temperatures, limited fire, cigarette butts-proof

Anti-fouling , easy cleaning

Creating a healthier living environment.


As well as natural wood, laminate flooring is not as waterproof as ceramic tiles if the floor is flooded by rain or water spills in, although it has been covered with waterproof layer on both sides.
Joints can become soaked in water and expand, then floor will swell and joints no longer fit as before.

Therefore, the durability of laminate flooring depends a lot on the user.
Only use wet cloth to clean the floor, do not pour a bucket of water on the floor to wash the floor, do not let rain water splash or spill onto the floor.

2. Natural wooden floor

Their durability depends on the wood material.

Each type of wood has only one type of color, the choice is limited to a certain number of woods. Like laminate flooring, natural wood flooring also brings beauty and elegance to the room. But due to the limitations and the source of natural wood materials, the homogeneity of the material and color is limited.

For natural wood flooring, the cleaning and maintenance is more difficult than industrial laminate flooring because there are still gaps between joints.

The mobility is not high, the repair and replacement is difficult because natural wood floors are often linked by single mortise, and it is necessary to use nails or glue to connect.

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