Trend of laminate flooring 2020

Different from previous years, the laminate flooring market in 2014 became quite special when there was a huge change from the needs of consumers.

Aesthetics: Cold colors such as gray, white, black with special and unique wood grain are especially interested. In the natural wooden floor segment, the North American Walnut floor with unique chocolate color, Chiu Liu wooden floor with characteristic dark black color, Oak floor with modern bright yellow color is at high demand. In the industrial wooden floor segment, European wooden floors with black, gray and white gray colors and the surface simulates unique and vivid wood grain in the world, are chosen by many consumers.

Quality: Consumers pay special attention to the water resistance, a criterion representing the durability of wooden flooring products. Because wooden floors are not water resistant and less durable in the humid Vietnamese climate as well as the lifestyle associated with the water of the Vietnamese people. One thing is quite special is that environmental friendliness was explored and quite interested in the second half of 2014.

In 2015, with many certain changes according to the world’s interior design trends, the trend of using and choosing wooden flooring in Vietnam this year also has some certain changes. The trend of laminate flooring 2015 will have some notable points as follows:

Customers will be more careful in choosing wooden flooring

If in previous years, customers chose to follow the advice of the wood flooring supplier or the designer, this year the customers will be more active in choosing the wooden flooring. They themselves find out information about the brand, origin as well as specific specifications to make their own decisions to use natural wood flooring or laminate flooring.
Therefore, laminate flooring companies this year can not only focus on service quality as before, but also they need to boldly invest and provide diversified models of high quality wood flooring products to be able to make an impression and attract customers.

Pay attention on the value of the wooden floor over the price

In 2014, revenue from industrial wooden flooring brands originating in China or cheap wooden flooring reached the expected figure, through the new year, consumers will prioritize the value and quality of the product more than the prices of different types of wooden flooring. Depending on the design purpose, installation area, they will boldly invest in choosing the most suitable wooden flooring with their needs without “being afraid” of the price of the product.

Design colors of wooden flooring

In choosing the color of wooden flooring, based on the world trend in general and in Vietnam in particular, the brown wooden flooring will be “honored” for the wooden floor design this year. Choosing a brown wooden flooring will bring a familiar feeling like natural soil color and a warm and mild feeling for residents. Therefore, choosing high-class wooden flooring in brown color will help the living space become luxurious in European style with a little romance mixed with lightness and subtlety.

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