10 reasons to choose Newsky Laminate Flooring

Newsky laminate flooring products are manufactured on a modern technological line with international quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, was certified “Quality certificate in accordance with European standards BS EN13329: 2000” – which is issued for the quality of Laminate flooring including more than 20 criteria and technical requirements, meeting the requirements of construction quality, health safety, abundant in designs, high aesthetics,…All these features are very suitable for modern and developed life in Vietnam nowadays.

1. Sustainability: Newsky flooring withstand compression, special surface protection technology makes our products difficult to wear, damage even under strong impact or after a while long time use.

2. The surface can withstand high temperatures: Newsky flooring is fire resistant, not affected or deformed by heat sources such as cigarettes that are burning.

3. No fading: Newsky flooring does not fade under direct sunlight, retains its shine after many years of use.

4. High abrasion resistance: Newsky flooring has high scratch and abrasion resistance due to its quality assurance according to European standards (BS EN 13329: 2000). Absolutely no scratches when there is friction of hard objects.

5. Safety for health: Newsky flooring completely does not affect the health of users because it is manufactured from processed natural wood conforming to European standards (E1), without using toxic additives. harmful chemicals such as heavy metal chemicals, chloride, PVC, PCB .. or dioxin-based substances

6. Stability: Newsky flooring is free from termites, warping, shrinking, cracking under the impact of weather or hard objects, other furniture in the house.

7. Easy cleaning: The dirt is very difficult to get on the surface of Newsky flooring, so just only by a damp cloth, a little water to gently wash or use a vacuum cleaner, your floor is completely clean.

8. Noise reduction: With the special structure of Newsky flooring and a layer of sound insulation when installed, we will make your steps confident and comfortable without the fear of causing noise.

9. Unaffected by chemicals: Newsky flooring is unaffected by chemicals or detergents.

10. Ease of installation: Newsky flooring is linked by a keylock with click2click technology to create stability allowing all problems arising during new installation to be repaired quickly.

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